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To be the leading provider of reliable and cost-effective solutions to Non-Resident Indians in areas of Taxation, Legal, Property Management etc.

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  • Estate Planning – Will (writing / execution) – probate or succession certificate, distribution of assets amongst legal heirs, distribution of intestate assets (dispute resolution)
  • Loans for Real Estate acquisition, arranging Lawyers, Legal Opinions on any matter, Legalization/ Notarization/ Attestation of Documents/ Court Visits/ preparation of Power of Attorney

Property Management

  • Buying/Selling Assistance, Tenant Selection and finalization
  • Tenant Management / Property Vacation and Inspection
  • Mutation of Property
  • Property Monitoring
  • Leasehold to Freehold Conversion
  • Power of Attorney for task execution, Utility Bills & Property Tax Payments


  • Tax Return Filing
  • PAN Card Application / Duplicate Issue / Changes
  • Replies to any queries on Indian Taxation, DTAA/Tax Treaty benefits Capital Gains (Sale of Property), Capital Gains Bonds, Lower Tax Deduction certificates.
  • Reinvestment in Capital Assets
  • Attending to any IT Notices, Department Visits
  • Tax Planning for Returning Indians as well as Emigrating Indians


  • Regulations as to operation of Bank Accounts
  • Repatriation of Income/Funds, and special RBI schemes for Returning NRIs
  • FEMA and RBI approvals, Obtaining permission for repatriation of assets / income and assistance in compliance with mandated procedures


  • Health and Well-being Visits
  • Medicine Procurement
  • Laboratory Tests, etc.

Document Procurement

Help with procurement of

  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Death Certificate, etc.
  • Tours and Travels

    • Hotel Accommodation
    • Ticket Booking
    • Airport Pickup/Drop off
    • Car Rental
    • Package Tours


    • MEA Attestation & Translation Services
    • Any other work at the Embassy of respective country

    Wealth Management

    • Advisory and management of investments in shares, debentures, mutual funds, government securities and bank deposits

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